On the 13th of December, Hugo von Meijenfeldt – Dutch SDG Coordinator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, gives us an introduction to SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals. Achieving the SDGs by 2030 requires partnerships between governments, business and civil society concerning technology, knowledge transfer, trade, policy coherence and financial flows. How can we promote these partnerships, and work cross-sectoral together to achieve the SDGs? As the Dutch SDG Coordinator, Hugo von Meijenfeldt coordinates the implementation of the SDGs by business, society and governments.

Our second guest speaker is Michiel de Koning – Chef Heroism at Heroes & Friends; a crowdsourcing platform where projects receive your support in skills, stuff or cash, powered by the dynamics of social networks. Michiel will demonstrate the importance of entrepreneurial practice in achieving the SDGs, and SDG 17 in particular.