Should we be affraid

In her most recent dystopian Netflix series 1983 (2018), Holland describes a Poland where communism has not fallen yet and authoritarianism and isolationism are omnipresent.

During the Freedom lecture, Agnieszka Holland will address the dangers of authoritarianism for Europe. For her generation, the threat of authoritarian regimes has never been far away, and that is why she is able to precisely interpret the current state of Poland and the limitations of acquired liberties.

She also refers to the concept of freedom. If the Poles vote for a party like PiS, should we not accept that they would like an authoritarian leader? Is the concept of ‘freedom’ sometimes overrated?

But what do you do as a filmmaker when, fantasy and dystopian scenarios seem to breach more and more into everyday reality? Do you still dare to make everything you would like to make? And what is your role and responsibility as a filmmaker in warning against dangerous tendencies in society?