Oh God!
This philosophical comedy by Anat Gov examines our perception of God and the changing relationship between God and humans. For the past thirteen years, 'Oh God!' played to an enthusiastic audience worldwide.

Corinne Allal and Zan Nadir
Corinne Allal has been providing Israeli music of the highest quality since the 1980s. This composer, singer-songwriter and music producer, fights for equality and humanism with her musical creations. She is accompanied by the Dutch band Zan Nadir for this musical performance.

Repertory Theatre
In Eldad Cohen's comedy, a young timid playwright is invited by a neurotic Hamlet-obsessed national theatre manager to discuss his debut play. For the young man, this encounter leads to a rollercoaster ride of events in which the blurred line between the theatre and real-life shatters in a resounding climax.

Ten matchboxes
An interactive, entertaining one-man show for the whole family.

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