Not the visitors but the artists rotate

But there's more! In East and West, the original concept is also returning this year: there you can follow one theater route along three living rooms. There are free performances for children and the festival visits the elderly in the area. under the motto: 'If they cannot come to us, we will go to them'.

Enjoy three high-level performances

Director Daniël van Veen explains the choice: “At a time when the need for contact and intimacy is greater than ever, we have looked for a solution in which we can meet the requirements for safely organizing a festival. Visitors can enjoy three high-level performances. Not the visitors, but the artists rotate. In this way we guarantee sufficient distance between visitors and we can still organize a high-quality event in various Amsterdam neighborhoods."

The festival starts on Friday 3 September in the South district and ends on 11 September in the West district.

For more information about the festival in the different city districts, visit:

Living room festival Amsterdam South

Living room festival Amsterdam East

Living room festival Amsterdam North

Living room festival Amsterdam West

Price per ticket: €25,- (€15.00 with CJP/Stadspas)

Showtimes: there are different starting times per district, for information go to Huiskamerfestival Amsterdam .

Locations: The routes are listed on the tickets