Choose your own route

You can choose from different routes along living rooms and performances at larger locations. We have once again found unique places, gems in the city that you don't often visit as an Amsterdammer. You can finally see special houses from the inside. During Huiskamerfestival Amsterdam, the entire city participates and we celebrate the opening of the new theater season.

But there's more! In East and West, the original concept will also return in 2022: there you can follow one theater route along three living rooms. There are free performances for children and the festival visits the elderly in the area. under the motto: 'If they cannot come to us, we will go to them'.

Enjoy three high-level performances

What a great line-up. Choose a district, then a route and be surprised!

More information about the festival in the different city districts can be found on the links below.

Living room festival Amsterdam South

Amsterdam East living room festival

Living room festival Amsterdam North

Living room festival Amsterdam West

Showtimes: there are different starting times per district, for information go to Huiskamerfestival Amsterdam .

Locations: The routes are listed on the tickets.