Celebrate your issues! The mini-festival ‘Birthday of Sigmund Freud’ offers an exhibitionistic and hysteric program that is a cross-over between art, theatre and psychotherapy. While doing a little dance and drinking a Freudian absinth the audience can act out voyeuristic tendencies while being an active co-creator of hallucinating theatre performances, live (group) therapy and virtual reality therapy, a boxing match, hypnosis, scientific lectures, theatrical family constellations and a penis-envy DIY-workshop. The festival will take place in the stylish Art deco ballrooms and blossoming garden of the Goethe institute. With Iki Freud, the orgasmic ‘Sonata Erotica’ by soprano Katrien Baerts, living hallucinations by Nepco and a creation of culinary cult hero Thorwald Voss of Mediamatic.