Houtfestival is proud to offer a stage to this year's Dutch celebration of Music Freedom Day. Initiated by Freemuse, for the last twelve years on the 3rd of March artists and organisations around the globe have been celebrating the right to express themselves through music. Because this right cannot be taken for granted. Too many musicians in too many places experience censorship, have to flee from war or are persecuted. Houtfestival cherishes the freedom of expression and every year a special place is reserved in our festival line-up for these musicians under threat.

Our celebration of Music Freedom Day will be a fully packed evening and admittance is free. With live music, DJ's and film we will create a recognisable Houtnacht / Houtfestival atmosphere. Live performances will be of the local band The Irrational Library and Ethiopia's Masenqo-player Afework Nigussie.

For more information, please see our website and Facebook page.