A look into the living rooms of migrants

Even before Munganyende had ever returned to her homeland and had any imagination of what the wide world looked like, her life as a child played out in African living rooms. Migrant living rooms are a miraculous place , according to Munganyende . Spaces that could have been on the other side of the world, yet became the breeding ground of Munganyende's young girlhood in Europe.

Reviving 'forgotten' stories

Munganyende says migrant living rooms are places of intimate knowledge production. That knowledge is transferred implicitly: thanks to hours of human archive footage of stories that were lost in history, but that the seniors in the communities carry on their tongues.

Munganyende brings this living room back to life especially for IDFA Meets. Together with her guests she discusses the film “Breakfast in Kisumu”, an intimate portrait between father and daughter about resistance and life in exile.