From roof to roof to roof...

Due to the coronavirus (2020) we’re forced to change the program drastically, but you know us: there is still plenty we can do! ROEF invites you up again! Join us in discovering the potential of the roofscape. Especially now. Come up and seize this new city with its amazing rooftops via our do-it-yourself program we designed for you! 

Fill your head with knowledge on Friday at the Rooftop Symposium for pros. In the evening you can indulge yourself at the Stadsleven Talkshow and afterwards watch a movie on our rooftop cinema. Roll up your sleeves and join us on Saturday at Rooftop Roulette where we’ll take you in small groups from roof to roof.

The Saturday night program will follow later (corona volente). And on Sunday we’ll have a yoga session – on one of the tallest towers of Amsterdam – for a few lucky birds!

Tickets for the Rooftop Roulette are on sale now.