Something different on every roof

Something different happens on each participating roof. Up-and-coming live bands will perform, you will see theatrical performances and green innovations while looking out over the extraordinary views of Amsterdam. During the daytime during the Rooftop Symposium, ROEF, in collaboration with Rooftop Revolution, shows what is possible on the urban roof landscape.

Visitors can go on the roof at various locations in Amsterdam East, Center, West, North and the Zuidas. With this, both the area and the roof line-up of the festival are growing. If you want to know more about this festival, go to the site for information and tickets .

Join ROEF on an expedition!

On Friday 27 August, you can watch the IDFA documentary Acasã, My Home on the roof, which examines the connection between people and the city.

Saturday, August 28: spend the Roeftop expedition at beautiful locations in Amsterdam Center and East where word art flies around you, you make circular soap based on residual materials from the catering industry and view art through a new lens. You go from roof, to roof, to roof, and yes you guessed it; to roof. All this with a summer drink in hand, friends around you and a spectacular view.

To end the day, Zwarte Koffie plays a strong cup of music on the roof of NEMO Science Museum. Tickets are for sale at .

High potential

ROEF is more than just a festival; together with eight other European organizations they are part of the European Creative Rooftop Network. The aim is to further develop the large free space on the roofs and to make cities greener, more sustainable & inclusive. Used roofs offer opportunities for climate adaptation, sustainable energy needs and crowds in the city. Green roofs even contribute to the conservation and restoration of biodiversity, better air quality, insulation, heat resistance, noise reduction and 60 to 80% more rain collection. ROEF shows the (future) possibilities of the roof landscape at the festival and this autumn there will be a symposium in which they take Amsterdam residents in depth.