For two days everything on the island is all about thinking greener and doing greener! It will be festive, super interesting and creative!Visit Pampus during the weekend of 7 and 8 July, let yourself be inspired to become sustainable faster together and celebrate the future with us.
There are stalls in and around the fort with innovative inventions.
You find out what is possible with waste, for example:
up and recycle,
make art,
make music,
and eat ... Yes, you can do that more often than you think.

There will be a fly with giant flyers. Enough wind (energy) on the island!
You will receive tips and tricks on how you can contribute to a sustainable future.
And of course there is plenty to eat, drink, shop, discover and enjoy.

When you are on the earth, everything here seems big and unlimited. But from the space you realize: this little ball with its thin atmosphere is all that we have. Let's be careful with it. "

André Kuipers