Proef Pampus is a festival like no other. Actually, it is just Pampus at its best. Super chill with tasty music, snacks and drinks. Exciting, because whether you wander through the colossal fortress or race hard across the IJmeer in a fast RIB, you feel that it does something to you, you are alive and kicking, it’s something exciting. Cozy with a small market where beautiful products and honest goods are sold. Sweet, because everyone is happy and those beautiful songs are played by very fine artists. Interesting, because you can learn something about Pampus and the Defense Line of Amsterdam and you can marvel at the work of various creative people. Sustainable, because all food & drinks come from close as possible and produced sustainably and biologically and because Pampus is the greenest off-grid island in the Netherlands and has the intention to be completely sustainable self-sufficient in 2022!