Bokbier Festival since 1978

The first Bokbier Festival was held back in 1978 in a small cafe in Amsterdam and PINT (an association with similar aims to the Campaign for Real Ale in England) got involved two years later. The event has never looked back and the event attracts upwards of 12,000 visitors every year.

All about the bok

With 100 types of glorious 'bok' beer on tap, it's a haven for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. In many ways it's back to basics, you get a glass upon entry and this is yours for the entire visit, so take good care of it! After you've tried a beer, rinse out your glass and it's off to the next brewer's stand. For a large part of the time, a live band ensures a positively festive atmosphere in the main hall. Bokbier traces its history back to the 14th century. Originally brewed as a dark beer, nowadays it also comes in paler and amber tints and is often brewed for special occasions including Christmas, Easter and Lent.

For the opening times and prices, visit the PINT Facebook.