No Amsterdam without Muiden

Floris V, the count who had the Muiderslot built, ensures in 1275 that the residents of Amsterdam no longer have to pay toll. As a result of this decision, trade in Amsterdam will flourish. And that in turn forms the basis for the later growth and emergence of the city of Amsterdam.

Activities on the birthday of Amsterdam at the Muiderslot

On October 27, 2021, the Muiderslot will treat. We treat you to something delicious, balloons and party hats. There are also free tours during this day, in which you hear everything about the historical link between the Muiderslot and our capital city. If you miss the boarding tours or they are already full: don’t worry. During the day, tour guides with bell horns walk through the castle and in the gardens.

To be at this happy birthday, all you need is a valid entrance ticket.