Different prices

MaatjesMaal - free

This price is for him/her/them who really needs it. For those who are always broke, but are ready for a good meal and some fun. It's for those Amsterdammers who do not meet the conditions of the Stadspas or who do not fit into a social category, the reason is no matter to us… Join us!

Stadspass - €2.50

This price is for the owners of a valid Stadspas. Because you are not loaded, but you do deserve a tasty outing every now and then.

Jan Modal - €10,-

This price is for the average Amsterdammer. Neither poor nor rich. People who always use their Bonus card, are sometimes tempted to go shopping and then regret it the next month. Who do go on holiday, but certainly not every year on winter sports.

Market Buddy - €15,-

This prize is for everyone who likes to share or can just leave it hanging. As a Markt Maatje you give a free Market Meal to an unknown Amsterdammer who cannot afford it. So is it in your blood to donate or do you rent out your second home in De Jordaan? Then tap it!