Emotions run high

Chef Moshik Roth doesn't play by the rules. It's not the techniques or gizmos that guide this Israeli chef. It's emotions and memories that shape his dishes day after day. In the months of January, February, March and April, &moshik captures the essences of his culinary ethos in a limited edition 7-course menu. Each month's menu dives deep into a different emotion, connecting food and feeling in exciting ways. 

On January 24th you'll take a bite of Joy, on the 21st February you have a taste of Love, on the 21st of March &moshik serves a plate of Peace and on the 25th of April Roth will turn Curiosity into refined dishes. During these dinners, Moshik finds the logic in the illogic of flavour combinations. Chef Moshik will be on hand, telling his stories and taking his guests on a delicious journey through taste and memory, finding a connection we all share.