In the May holidays on Pampus there is a lot of bandanas, swords, wooden legs and eye patches! Buccaneers take over the entire island. Small and big ones, because more and more dads and mums join in as pirates. Awesome!
Anyone sailing to the island already dressed up will receive a Pampus Pirate Present. Of course you are just as welcome in your regular outfit. There is an abundance of make-up and dress-up clothes!

The Pampus guides are not impressed by all that piracy. No bandit can stop them to reveal the visitors the secrets of the fort. So also for non-pirates, Pampus guarantees a great day out in the May holidays! And who knows, is the smell of freshly baked poffertjes also to them irresistible. That will be fun, standing side to side with little Captain Hooks or Jack Sparrows and enjoying homemade poffertjes in the Pirate Cave!