The artists are personally present and more than happy to tell you about their work process and techniques. 
The disciplines range from paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolors, to sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, paper art, graphics, glass, silk and mixed media. 
This exchange is equally gratifying for the artists and visitors. 

A visit to the Art Amsterdam Spui is always varied. 
Every Art Market consists of an average of 25 participants, and as the group of artists affiliated with Art Amsterdam Spui is large, a rotating system of participation ensures that every Sunday different artists are present. 
Even when you visit the Art Amsterdam Spui often, you will still find a different, diverse market.

Spui Square is a lovely tree-lined square, located in the center of Amsterdam. 
It is a hotspot of rich cultural and historical significance. You’ll find  terraces and authentic cafes
and bookstores here.

The place to be during your visit to Amsterdam, easily to combine with your visit to Begijnhof!