Paintings and bronzes

Saskia Lensink, Wim Kannekens (both paintings) and Wichert van Engelen (bronze and steel sculptures) are bringing their work to a wide audience by exhibiting this summer on the well-known Nieuwendijk in the middle of the city.

Without facemasks (well, there is one in bronze!), but with striking and high-profile Amsterdam art. In addition to the work of Lensink, Kannekens and Van Engelen, the permanent collection with works by Anne-Mieke Bonte (paintings) and Wink Einthoven (photo collages) is also on display.


The nature and surroundings of Amsterdam; loneliness; the beauty of flowers; the beauty of architecture; the splendor of nature in the power of bronze; and here and there a wink to 'The Art' are the themes you will encounter in this varied exhibition.   

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 - 17:00 (free entrance and no appointment needed) And open by appointment Nieuwendijk 111, Amsterdam (5 min walk from Central Station)