Totally Fierce

The exhibition WOEST (‘Fierce’) is a journey through Willem van Genk’s restless mind and his unrelenting quest for meaning in a world that baffled him. He translated his anxieties into overwhelming art: his paintings are crammed with mind-blowing architecture, bird’s-eye views of sinister universes, crowds, trains, trolley-buses and airships. Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art shows the intensity of his experiences in a way that turns the viewer into a partner in his imaginative inner world.

The work of the Netherlands’ most famous artist within outsider art is autobiographical. We see the torrent of ideas that live in him. The many layers of meaning in his works intrigue, creating a spectacle that mesmerises the viewer for hours. Eventually the connections experienced by Van Genk become clear: between iron station roofs and spiderwebs, between criminality and sexuality, between fascism and communism. Van Genk constructs and orders with a masterly touch.