The year 1968 was an iconic year. Worldwide, people demanded liberty and equality, and questioned authorities and traditional institutions such as the church, schools, and traditional family structures. People wanted to break with convention and found new creative ways to stress their ideals. In an exceptional spirit of creativity, imagination and determination, people all over the world banged on the doors of those in power and demanded change.

Fifty years on, the values people once fought for are under pressure. Equality, freedom of speech, religion or artistic freedom can no longer be taken for granted. In a brand new pop-up museum, the Iron Curtain Project connects the past to the present: what has become of the ideals of 1968 and where can we find the ‘spirit of 1968’, which we need more than ever before?

This museum presents personal stories from the generation of 1968 from all over Europe as well as new ideas by Europeans for the future of democracy.