Weather Report

originated from the quartered travel drawings of initiator and artist Rienke Enghardt, with in each corner a work by an artist from a different continent whom she met on her travels. Since 1991 she has been on the road to forge coalitions of fellow artists from all continents and to bring them together in works of art. The five works, in their new form, engage in connections that are surprising and astonishing; the correspondences are hopeful, the blocks are gripping, the whole thing is always fascinating. Together they form an original picture of what a new generation of artists has to offer in terms of fascination, zest for life and imagination; from Mitrovica to Hanoi, from Havana to Tbilisi, from Gaza City to Johannesburg.

The anniversary exhibition Weatherproof! Showing the 150 works, the Weather Report in Europe tour will kick off in October 2022 in Pristina, the capital of Europe's youngest state.