Gerrit Lamberts

In his drawings, Lamberts takes us on a stroll through old Amsterdam, showing early 19th-century life in the city, the houses, the canals and the city folks. The exhibition also sheds a unique light on a little-known period in the city's history after its heyday in the 17th-18th century. The Amsterdam City Archives keeps the largest collection of Lamberts' drawings. The exhibition shows a fine selection of his very best works, complemented by exceptional loans from the Royal Antiquarian Society, the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Museum. Wandering through Amsterdam is a real must-see for all Amsterdam fans and lovers.

In the exhibition, visitors are also introduced to Lamberts life, his drawing techniques and the 18th-century draughtsmen who inspired him. Quite remarkable is a set of drawings depicting his own house on Bloemgracht, offering an atmospheric glimpse into the artist's home life. Very special are the detailed interiors of the museum Het Trippenhuis, the predecessor of the Rijksmuseum. From 1824 onwards Lamberts was one of the museums superintendents. His drawings show the painting crammed walls, with works that are still on view in today's Rijksmuseum.