Vincent on Friday, the ‘1.5-metre edition’

What to expect: a fascinating programme of events that invites you to delve deeper. Unfortunately, no parties for the time being. We all miss dancing in the museum, but it’s not the best idea during the coronavirus crisis. Instead, we’re invigorating your brains and senses at two special adapted editions of Vincent on Friday, the ‘1.5-metre edition’!

Daily Paper & Vincent van Gogh

Behind the success of street fashion label Daily Paper is a story of growth, perseverance and enterprise: for and with a community. Van Gogh also worked hard to make his artistic ambitions a reality. His friendships with other artists inspired him to try new things.
Artists’ communities then and now

The evenings will explore the artists’ communities of Vincent’s time, and of today. What are the similarities and differences? What challenges did Vincent face, and what opportunities did he have? And what is it like for today’s young makers?