A mixture of melancholy and longing

The artworks in the group exhibition bring together a sense of ‘saudade’, which can be translated as a mixture of melancholy and longing.

Artists: Julia Arbex, Aline Baiana, Sofia Caesar, Arthur Chaves, Vitória Cribb, Benedito Ferreira, Rodrigo Martins, Estêvão Parreiras, Tiago Sant’Ana, Tadáskía, Wisrah Villefort, Luana Vitra, Yuli Yamagata

Curator: Raphael Fonseca

Exhibition Design: Juliana Prado Godoy

The exhibition’s title comes from a popular song recorded in 1972 by the legendary singer Elis Regina, titled ‘Casa no campo’ (House in the country) and composed by Tavito and Zé Rodrix. The lyrics are an elegy to quietness in a world that was already in a state of excessive turmoil — during that period Brazil was under an oppressive military dictatorship. The song becomes relevant again fifty years later, in part because of a political climate defined by exclusion, oppression and exploitation.