Freedom of speech

Thought-provoking art from all around the world is brought together by Smash The Narrative.  Now in its second year, the Smash the Narrative art prize brings together artists from around the world to present works centered around a current and controversial topic.  

This year’s theme is You Can't Paint That! which revolves around issues of freedom of speech, taboo and censorship. How does it feel as a creator to be told what you can and cannot say? Has freedom of speech gone too far in enabling extremism and needs to be reeled in?

The exhibition will juxtapose the works of artists taking a wide range of approaches to such questions using a variety of different mediums in the hope of provoking thought and discussion among the public.

On March 7 during the vernissage the winners will be announced. 

There will also be a parallel program of alternative music and spoken word performances running in the exhibition space.