In See me, Hear me, Meet me young people and artists work together to explore tolerance as a theme in artworks and installations. In the presentation, plain statements alternate visibly and audibly with inner monologues. The range of ideas that teenagers express shows that we’re all human and each of us sees the world from our own perspective. Yet there’s one thing the Voices agree about: the more we meet, the more we learn to understand one another. 

The exhibits highlight different aspects of the theme. For example, the Proud To Be mural is about identity and what makes you who you are. Talking Tolerance is an animation and soundscape in which texts, statements and conversations are shown and heard. In the See Me, Hear Me, Meet Me VR installation people encounter teenagers who express their views in spoken-word performances face to face. The Here I Am portrait series presents three youths in a neighborhood in which they’re not sure whether they feel they belong or not. In the Just Talk To Me neon exhibit young people show the importance of starting a conversation. 

This exhibition is a Voices of Tolerance educational project: a museum program offering Dutch school kids a platform to talk about themes such as freedom, religion and diversity.