Intensive collaboration

Henk Wildschut and Robin Uleman have collaborated extensively over the past ten years on books, publications and exhibitions. This special exhibition looks at their collaboration on their last two books: Ville de Calais (2017) and Rooted (2019). Together with photography, the design process of both books are being shown.

Ville de Calais documents the rise and fall of a huge refugee camp in the Calais dune area. After the first huts appeared in March 2015, the camp grew into a slum in a few months – with shops, bakeries, cafés, restaurants, hammams, two mosques and a church – which the French government later demolished.

After the large-scale approach of Ville de Calais, the book Rooted focuses on something that was already present in Ville de Calais: the gardens and plants with which refugees try to make their uncertain existence a little more hopeful. Rooted shows how people relate to foreign soil which they inhabit through their plants.