Revolutionary artists

Fighters, artists, politicians, diplomats and journalists. Everyone has a different view. Revolution! is about the Indonesian struggle for independence (1945-49), seen through the eyes of people who experienced it. Let yourself be carried away by the objects, the art and the stories. This exhibition is about the struggle, but also about the creativity and energy that brought about the emergence of a new state.

The revolution was a period of experiment and creativity for Indonesian nationalists. Artists, together with politicians, formed a modern revolutionary vanguard. Paintings hung in government buildings as representations of the Indonesian revolution.

Posters, graffiti and pamphlets coloured the street scene. Art was used as a political means to propagate Indonesian independence at home and abroad. Comradeship, leadership, war violence, youthful zest and combativeness are the subjects that the committed Indonesian artists portrayed in their work. Thus, an image of the revolution was created as a joint effort of the Indonesian people. The exhibition includes work by Trubus Soedarsono, Sudjojono, Otto Djaya, Basoeki Abdullah, Hendra Gunawan, Affandi and Henk Ngantung.

Revolution now

The Yogyakarta-based artist Timoteus Anggawan Kusno (1989) will create a work of art for the exhibition with objects from the Rijksmuseum from the colonial period. He provides a voice and portrays the anti-colonial resistance that preceded the Indonesian revolution and the consequences of the colonial experience in the world today.