The exhibition shows three-dimensional, mostly ceramic work by Jorge Luis Barragán Castaño, Zahar Bondar and Natasha Rijkhoff. Water splashes from Natasha's ceramic sculptures. They transform their environment into a place where recognition and alienation come together. The poetic garden is a recurring theme, also in Jorge's sculptural objects from his 'Garden of Drawings', where the drawing is a way for him to materialize thoughts in various contrasting media.

Life-sized human figures created by Zahar don't just only interact with each other, but also with these other sculptures in the exhibition. Interaction is also at the basis of Tibor Dieters' photogram series 'Exposure', made by sending post packages converted into pinhole cameras to unsuspecting galleries. And last but not least, Myrto Christou adds a dark edge and a touch of humor to the poetic ambiance of the exhibition, with her colourful 'mood paintings'.