Starting  June 5 we open our doors again. We have a very large venue so the public can walk around and look at the expositions whilst still keeping enough distance from eachother. In June 30 people at a time may enter. We follow the recommendations and regulations of the RIVM. 

NDSM-Expo 7.13 is an "in between" exposition. dedicated to the Corona Crisis and all it's implications; what has happened in these strange past months and what's our new reality or what do or don't we want it to be. The artists and creators of the NDSM are inspired by images of Death, Lonelyness, Wodka, Icehockey, Elbowsneezing, Home made masks, Charts, True and Fakenews, Conspiracy theories, Solitary coughing, the new normal, 1,5 meter society and Clorox enema's, to name a few.

Festive reopening on June 5 5pm with drinks and food and around 6.30 a live performance by Duo Schuurink.