The past comes to life on Pampus. The fort creaks, growls and pops in the Pampus Xperience, guides tell you full of color and smell about past times and in the dark corridors it sometimes seems to haunt. During the National Archeology Days on 12, 13 and 14 October, Pampus is extra fun to visit.

In the Barbara room (room 69 - the former warehouse of the empty projectiles that Saint Barbara is still watching), Pampus shows some 'top pieces' from the Oud Roest Collection, such as the Loopkat and the Manometer.

To this fairly new collection of 'archaeological finds' there are still largely unknown stories. Volunteers with passion and perseverance have been mapping everything since the beginning of this year and are investigating the possible origin of all documents.

A small quiz has been put together especially for the young Archeology Days visitors. Children who have all the answers of the Loopkat Quiz, get an archaeological gift in the museum shop!