Gazing Ball

One of the Gazing Ball Paintings made by the American artist Jeff Koons (1955) since 2014 will be the Masterpiece 2018 in De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam. The artwork, Gazing Ball (Perugino Madonna and Child with Four Saints), is a marvelous combination of a hand-painted version of Madonna and Child with four saints (1500-01) by the Italian Renaissance painter Perugino, and a smooth cobalt blue glass. bulb. On display from 17 February to 8 April 2018.
The reflective sphere, which is attached to the painting on a painted aluminum plate at the front, reflects the viewers in their surroundings. They are therefore literally included in the artwork. The environment, the here and now becomes part of the work, a new, ever-changing optical and spiritual unity. For example, the gazing ball gives the old painting an infinite number of new dimensions. Jeff Koons conceived this new work of art, after analysis at micro level of the colors used by Perugino. Koons and his assistants meticulously painted it with thousands of different hand-mixed colors. The eye of Perugino, the eye of Koons and the eye of the viewer come together in this new three-dimensional masterpiece.
It is essentially a double masterpiece, because the original canvas by Perugino also counts as a masterpiece. Perugino, from Umbria, had a large group of famous followers during the Renaissance. He was the teacher of Raphael and he received numerous assignments in Florence and in many other Italian cities.