An ode to the miller's craft

The series was made by photographer Jeroen Nieuwhuis and portrays the millers of the De Zaansche Windmills Association and their daily work. Nieuwhuis won the silver prize for this series during the presentation of the prestigious Prix de la Photographie Paris.

Millers are cut from special wood. They are attached to their mill. About 40 millers, from young to old, work on the 13 mills of De Zaansche Molen to keep the craft alive. UNESCO has officially recognized the importance of millership by designating it as Intangible Heritage in 2017.

Jeroen Nieuwhuis and Jan Minkhorst

The knowledge and expertise of the millers is invaluable. This ode to the miller's craft was created in collaboration with photographer Jeroen Nieuwhuis (NEW DAY studio) and filmmaker Jan Minkhorst (Icon Visuals). From February 2020 the pair were busy in all weathers, from sunrise to sunset, to record the daily work of the millers. In doing so, they emphasize the passion and craftsmanship of working in these monumental windmills.

The combination of manual labor, romance, hard work and skill appeals to the imagination of connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs. The photos in this exhibition are an enduring part of the new visual identity of the World of Windmills. This gives substance to one of the main objectives of the De Zaansche Molen Association: giving the past a future.