Van Norren likes dilemmas. Especially concerning ethics and morality. According to her, a painting eminently provides a space free of interest. The letters on her paintings are pictorial cut-outs. A letter is also a shape. These shapes harmonize or conflict with the other (geometrical) forms.

Exhibited are also recent works inspired by Dylan Thomas’ classic poem Do not go gentle into that good night (1914-1953). Kim van Norren was touched by the rawness of the poem. In the paintings she explores new possible interpretations of the familiar text.

Kim van Norren won the Koninklijke Prijs voor de Vrije Schilderkunst in 2010. She had solo exhibitions in Museum de Fundatie and Dordrechts Museum. Her work is acquired by e.g. Museum Voorlinden and the AKZO Nobel Art Foundation.

The exhibit in the Large Hall displays the new series 'Do not go gentle' along with a selection of 30 other works, which are inspired by songtexts by e.g. David Bowie, Beyoncé and Leonard Cohen.