Impressive portraits

Top photographer William Rutten presents photos from his rich oeuvre. After Face It, an exhibition with penetrating portraits of special national media men, we now look back with him at the celebrities he has had in front of his lens over the past 35 years. With 150 photos of icons from home and abroad, from Henny Vrienten to Waylon and from Al Pacino to Lady Gaga and many works that have never been seen before.

ICONS is an ode to his mother: Rutten indicates that his mother gave him the opportunity to choose his own path. Her advice: do the things you love and go for it. Something he still does.

Audio tour

The ticket includes the audio tour, to be picked up at the box office. In it, Rutten tells stories about his works and, in a film made especially for the exhibition, takes visitors to his own photo studio where he has photographed many celebrities.

A small studio has also been created for the exhibition, where the photographer – if he is present at Museum Hilversum – always captures a few visitors. The lucky ones can take a portrait home with them.