Mediamatic developed in collaboration with The Institute for Art and OlfactionPlay the City and five perfumers, a sensuous game around city planning for the Uitmarkt 2018. Five tailor-made fragrances give expression to various prospective visions of the city. These scents are now exhibited at Mediamatic. Step by to smell different options for the future of Amsterdam. Does your favourite smell match your favourite future? 

Five perfumes for five future destinations. The fragrances were made by perfumer Spyros Drosopoulos, known for his perfume line Baruti, scent artist Maki Ueda, IFF perfumer and winner of the Art and Olfaction Awards Ricardo MoyaNiklaus Mettler of In'n'Out Fragrances, and last but not least, Alessandro Gualtieri, the nose of perfume house Nasomatto.