An exhibition by Jamal Khamis
How do you recover once your body is weakened? How do you rebuild a city after a catastrophic event? And how do you hold an art exhibition during a pandemic? The internationally renowned artist Jamal Khamis was confronted with these difficult questions. Art is the tool that allowed him to heal. Now he wants to use this tool to help rebuild the devastated city of Beirut.

Action for Beirut

The exhibition consists of a new collection of large colorful paintings by Khamis. To create them he was inspired by the music of Wagner, the poems of Baudelaire, the philosophies of Hegel, and the voice of Fairuz. The exhibition will gather funds for the victims of the explosion in Beirut. War Child uses the proceeds to provide children and families in Lebanon with much-needed assistance. All paintings are available through direct donations to War Child Holland.