Code of conduct

For the GET LOST- art route 2018 edition we have invited artists to reflect within the curatorial framework of the Code of Conduct. Their work takes the shape of a mirror in which we observe ourselves and are able to determine how things are constantly changing and moving.

Participating artists and organisations

?Twelve (semi) public art works are the result of the following collaborations:

Stichting AkzoNobel Art Foundation | Richard John Jones, FLOW Real Estate & Egeria Real Estate Development | Johannes Büttner, WTC Amsterdam | Olle Stjerne, Zuidas, gemeente Amsterdam, Zuidasdok, Zuidplus | Rosa Sijben, ABN AMRO | Monira Al Qadiri, Stichting GET LOST | Anna Frijstein, Maarsen Groep & Zadelhoff | Marek van de Watering, VU | Annabel Howland, Stichting GET LOST | Smári Rúnar Róbertsson, FLOW Real Estate | Simon Wald-Lasowski & Sajoscha Talirz, BPD | Andrea Božic en Julia Willms, Loyens & Loeff | Marek van de Watering