The art of playing

In The Art of Playing, Hovers takes you into his world of form, color and proportion. A world that is created by playing and exploring. Hovers designs and makes furniture, lighting, toys, objects and miniatures and is probably best known for his ArcheToys, a series of miniature vehicles. These colorful 'simple' design designs from Hovers can be found in many stores, as well as at art and design fairs at home and abroad.

The art of playing is the first museum solo exhibition by designer and artist Floris Hovers. His designs surprise with their disarming simplicity and the balance between functionality and aesthetics. Basic structures and industrial forms are keywords for his work. Work that results from long-term reduction.

imaginative building

Hovers thinks back to his childhood with nostalgia. 'I observed, interpreted and then imitated it my way – and I still do. As a boy I already lived in my own little world. I long for autonomy in thinking and doing. To childish simplicity.'

You recognize that desire in the fantasy city in which you can 'disappear' completely. The city is made up of wooden remnants and recycled material, painted in soft, fresh colours. The clarity, playfulness and naivety of the objects make the whole thing extremely attractive, approachable and recognizable – it makes you want to play too.