Documentary photographer Robin Butter

Robin Butter (1987) uses photography as a means to dig into the backgrounds of cultural phenomena. In her quest to escape her own reality from the everyday, she photographs people and their stories, exploring the meaning of history and myths.

Photo project 'DRAKEBLOOD'

One such myth that Butter investigates is that of 'Joris and the dragon' in the Limburg village of Beesel. In doing so, she tries to unfold the social structure surrounding a legend. Beesel is dragon territory: the story of George and the dragon has been reenacted in the village for centuries. When you are born here, 'dragon's blood' automatically flows through your veins. Every seven years, the village transforms into an open-air spectacle, known to the region as 'Dragon Stigma'. In Beesel, a history has been created around an event that never took place. Butter captures this elusive myth within a community.