Back in the early twentieth century Bali was a little-known travel destination, but a hundred years later the massive tourist influx means it’s bursting at the seams. And while the tourist boom has brought prosperity, behind the scenes it’s also has an enormous impact on the quality of island life.

In BALI – Behind the scenes you’ll see the pressure this island paradise is under, but also the resilience of island culture. Get to know the Hindu priest out to preserve traditions in his own way and meet the artist and activist Made Bayak whose work highlights Bali’s problems with plastic waste.

This exhibition takes you on a journey to Bali. Discover rituals you wouldn’t normally experience as a tourist and gain an insight into the island’s colonial past. Feast your eyes on rare artefacts such as palace treasures and intricate wood carvings, alongside the work of contemporary Balinese artists. Are you coming?

BALI – Behind the scenes is on show from February 14 2020