Reflections of emotions

Artist Roos van Geffen (1975) concerns herself with the greater topics of life such as desire, transience and farewells. She is fascinated by human emotions – yet it is not the intense, but the subtle emotions that captivate her. Her work is generated through intensive research, which often leads to her works being created in series. Encounters and experiences are developed into precise and intimate images. She uses whichever art form she needs to express these: photography, video, installation or performance art.

EAT LOVE DIE comprises all emotions that make up life, whether minuscule or grand. This exhibition centres on transience, sensuality and death. Van Geffen is now approximately in the middle of her life span. Many a year has passed and death is no longer an abstract thought, but a slowly advancing reality. As anyone her age, she has experienced a lot: bliss followed by sadness, joy followed by fear. How does this affect her view on life? Which emotions are evoked?