Direct me to the Centre of Gravity
Artists: Ruta Butkute and Emily Kocken

How To Make Sculpture Move, a collaboration between artist Ruta Butkute and artist/writer Emily Kocken. The project puts language and objects in a dynamic dialogue, creating new functions for audience and performer, in the context of an art exhibition, live performances, moderated talks, and readings.

Arti & Amicitiae presents the first phase of the project via Direct Me to the Centre of Gravity an installation of new performative sculptures by Ruta Butkute, and a sound installation by Emily Kocken, accompanied by a public program. The book How To Make Sculpture Move will be published by Jap Sam Books in 2022, graphic design by Inedition.

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How To Make Sculpture Move is supported by Tijl Fonds and  AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts