On her canvases with thinly applied oil paint on cotton and a calm balanced colour scheme, almost like pastel, Mack drives the narrative of her work due to her careful homage to the old masters with a modern social perspective. Think of the biblical and mythological narratives by the Italian masters, simplicity of form and colour of Japanese masters, social commentary by Goya and the solitary feelings created by Edward Hopper.

Mack draws you into her imaginative view of modern absurdity. While at first glance she takes you on a trip into a simplistic landscape, a second look shows a use of image and background and a philosophical depth that allows the observer to create his own less than comfortable view of the world he inhabits.

The fact that she chooses to work into detail some of the elements in the painting while leaving other parts unfinished creates a visual depth that makes it possible to interpret her work at different levels.