Indictment of climate crimes

The Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes (CICC) consists of a large-scale installation in the form of a tribunal that prosecutes intergenerational climate crimes. From 28-31 October, the CICC will hold hearings against Unilever, ING, Airbus and the Dutch State. During the hearings of the CICC, evidence will be presented by prosecutors and witnesses relating to intergenerational climate crimes committed by corporations and states acting in concert.

In addition to judges, prosecutors, witnesses and the public, the tribunal consists of an ecology populated by extinct animals, plants and ammonite fossils. Each of them, in a di erent language, is referred to as “comrade”. These non-human ancestors are both evidence of past intergenerational climate crimes and witness to the collective e ort of the CICC to contribute to intergenerational climate justice in the present and future.