Sculptor, role model and innovator

British sculptor Barbara Hepworth (1903–1975) was one of the pioneers of modernism in sculpture. From an early age, she already stood out for creating modern forms from stone, marble and wood. Her work is characterized by breaking through the block of stone with holes.

Hepworth was one of the few internationally successful female artists of her generation and is still a role model for younger generations. She assigned herself an emancipating role by emphatically calling herself a sculptor instead of a sculptress. Attention to her life and work fits in with the current demand for a more balanced representation of male and female artists.

If you would like to know more about Hepworth and these works visit the Rijksmuseum website or, even better, visit the museum gardens.


From 4 June, it is possible to book a private tour. For times and prices check this link from Barbara Hepworth - Rijksmuseum. Every third Saturday of the month there is a tour in Dutch Sign Language. More information can be found here. The tour for blind and partially sighted visitors is every first Friday of the month. More information can be found here.