Unique vision and expertise

Koeiman's unique vision and her expertise as an artist, cultural entrepreneur and Curator Collective Learning at Kunstinstituut Melly make her the right curator to develop this exhibition.

Back in the Day is our Future amplifies Black voices who show resistance by celebrating the richness of Black culture and history. It pays tribute to the past and joy to the future by providing a positive perspective, allowing for healing and reduction of the emotional labor associated with trauma.

Creating space to experience Black joy and uplift the spirit is a necessary part of this resistance. In the movement towards anti-racism, equality and anti-white supremacy, it is necessary to take time and focus on spiritual healing, with the aim of strengthening solidarity within the Black community and taking steps towards internal decolonization.

Part of this decolonization is finding alternative and important anchor points in this revolution: to learn more about Black history and to illuminate alternative narratives that help us shape the future.

Back in the Day is our Future shows works by artists who encounter various anchor points from this movement. They translate these anchor points as part of their resistance into acts of solidarity, healing and self-love. The exhibition shows examples of reinventing Black bodies, dealing with diaspora and discovering personal archives.