New and old works of art

An exciting evening with art, good music and nice conversations is guaranteed.

Martin Schüler is a young artist from Cottbus, a middle-sized town between Berlin and Dresden. After a delirious moment with his stuffed cat Gondula, in which she asked him to paint stuffed animals, he has been pursuing this passion since 2018. Cuddle toys are a sign of warmth, closeness and security. He taught himself to paint. After a short time he had his first solo exhibitions, published books and planned further projects.

His paintings are primarily assigned to pop art. In addition to painting, he works in public administration, worked as security for a long time and recorded music with a Berlin producer. He gained media attention through the world tour of his plush cat Gondula and her candidacy for chancellor in 2021.

The exhibition runs until September 10, 2022. If you want to know more visit the website.