Amsterdam DNA Family Tour

Experience Amsterdam DNA with the whole family in a playful and challenging way with the DNA Family Tour . This tour is suitable for children from 4 years old and available in Dutch and English. In less than an hour you can read, hear and experience the history of the city of Amsterdam. The tour is free in combination with a valid entrance ticket.

Your own DNA photo

The Amsterdam DNA Tours are four thematic routes that connect to the Amsterdam DNA exhibition. Read more about the DNA Tours here .

Discover the history of Amsterdam online in highlights and view the Amsterdam DNA timeline on the Hart, the community site of the Amsterdam Museum.

For the deaf and hard of hearing: audio tour in written form

An important part of the exhibition 'Amsterdam DNA' can be heard via the audio tour. But audio tours are not for everyone. That is why the spoken texts are now also available in written version. A print version is free obtainable from the ticket office of the museum or download here the text.