How do people relate to the landscape

With the arrival of new residents, the layout of 'rural areas' in the Netherlands is changing. Where previously mainly farmers let their cows graze, urbanization is expanding to these areas. This is also the case in Amstelland: the area around the river Amstel under the smoke of Amsterdam.

An open and green area with the Ronde Hoep polder at the heart. A new generation of residents settles in Amstelland who make different choices than the original generation in terms of comfort and lifestyle, and who are gradually appropriating the area. For example, large, expensive villas are built with landscaped and neatly maintained gardens.

The photo series 'Amstelland in motion' shows how 'new' develops alongside 'original' and what the influence is on the design and use of landscape and surroundings. The story takes place in the Amstelland, but the same development is taking place throughout the Netherlands.