About Alan Standen

Standen was born in England in 1929. His talent for drawing was discovered early on and Alan combined the last two years of his high school years with art school in Rochester. Once in London, he came into contact with the director of the animated film Animal Farm, based on George Orwell's book, and became responsible for the design. He created more than 4,000 illustrations for the film. In 1953 Standen moved to the Netherlands to work for Marten Toonder's film studio. After his marriage, he continued to live in the Netherlands and started his own film studio.

Surreal worlds full of medieval mysticism

Between his activities as a film-maker, Standen continued to paint, but it was only after his retirement that he was able to fully focus on his art. Alan Standen paints in a recognisable style. His subjects are usually colourful figures who come to the fore in an often surrealistic world that also includes the mysticism of the Middle Ages. Standen signs his work with a beautifully designed signature.